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I am kelly lorene flanary, an artist + student living in Portland, OR with my pup bubba. I grew up, nestled in a classic suburban cul-de-sac in the river city, Sacramento, California. Raised by a 5th-grade teacher whose secret dream is to study the gibbons in Borneo. A moonlighting inventor whos hands were gems of the universe, and a 50’s housewife whos heart swallowed the world with cinnamon toast and chocolate milk.   

I make art that explores the continuous cycles of our deep relationships: to self, the cosmos, grief + loss, and food. Always and forever inspired by my inner child how loves colored pencils and drawing lil stars around everything. My pencil box typically includes yarn, emotional vulnerability, plants, snacks, colored pencils, dog kisses, wood, flowers, hugs + snugs, macaroni and cheese, bristol paper, dance parties, fabric, sun naps, large cereal bowls of patience, and cardboard.

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